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I was diagnosed with degenerated arthritis in both knees. I was very restrictive on what I could do, it was not a quality of life I was used to. I had knee replacements and with excellent guidance, patience, and kind words of encouragement from Mike, I found myself getting stronger physically. I am proof and proud believer that PT is essential to a complete recovery and to the return of my mobility. I continue to do it on my own and work hard. I can’t thank everyone enough at Kinetic (especially Mike) for the care they all showed me during my recovery, and for giving my quality of life back! They are the BEST!!

– Diane Moceri.

I had trouble walking because I could not bend my left knee. After PT I’m walking smoother and bending my knee much easier than before. I’m doing jobs at home like vacuuming and standing up doing dishes, picking up clothes or packages on the floor. These I could not do before. I will keep doing PT because it works for me.

– Paul L.

Grateful for such great results, Kinetic Physical therapy has changed and mostly improved the quality of my life. I can get in and out of the car, turn over in bed, push things aside with my right foot, lift my leg, twist my hips, and sleep thru the night pain is no longer waking me up. Thank you.

– Margaret M.

After rotator cuff surgery, my right arm was basically useless. I now have almost no pain and am able to do all my daily activities. With Mike’s help, I am on my way to a summer of kayaking and swimming

– Pamela K.

My range of motion in my neck greatly improved. Numbness on left side of face gone. Tingling in right arm minimal. Neck area is greatly improved, feels more relaxed at rest. I learned certain head positions can cause my neck issues and now can avoid them. I have used other PT locations in the past and can say this was my best experience to date.

– Richard K.

This is not your typical cookie cutter PT clinic. The people here are tops. Mike and all of the staff are really friendly and care about their patients and their progress. I originally came to Mike with a reverse shoulder replacement, He was very knowledgeable and explained things well and was supportive. My shoulder surpassed all expectations, it’s about 95% normal. I’m so appreciative of what Kinetics and Mike have done for me. If something else goes wrong, I’ll be back.

– Caren L.

My major problem when entering the Kinetic Physical Therapy facility was with a sciatica pain on my right side. After 10 treatments, my pain on my side, thigh and leg are for the most part gone. With home exercises, I hope to keep a maintenance program on my own. This is the first therapy that has helped.

– William S.

I am so glad that I had my knee surgery. I am now able to golf, bowl, and continue all my activities. Without the help of Mike at Kinetic I would not have healed so quickly. This is third time I have used Kinetic after surgery and I am more than happy with my results. What I especially like about Kinetic, it is always full attention. They are never attending any other patient at the same time. It truly is a family type therapy. “Thanks so much”

– Beverly R.

At the start, limited ability to walk without pain in the lower back and down the leg. Especially the right leg, also limited ability to straight up. Today – now I have full freedom to walk with little or no pain – have no issues with walking erect – played 18 holes of golf with no pain. I have no pain shooting down either leg.

– Robert F.

I’d like to thank the excellent staff at Kinetic for guiding me through the various procedures of my therapy experiences. Thanks to Mike and his expert guidance I feel like I can do so much more then I did when I first arrived here. I am able to squat, walk, climb stairs and do most everything I was able to do before my knee surgery. Thanks again Kinetic and most of all Mike for his great guidance and expertise.

– Robert N.

When I came in I was miserable! I could barely get out of bed without pain – the initial standing up was extremely painful! Today I can bound out of bed in the morning and feel good! I understand there is damaged areas that will need stretching & exercise daily for the rest of my life. A small price to pay for such relief from pain. Movement is easier now. I can do more without pain – My back “lets me know” there has been damage, but now its controlled, very minimal. I’ve enjoyed my time at Kinetic and am grateful to have found this place.

– John G.

This is my 4th experience with Kinetic. Different body part, of course. Always greeted with a smile. A very professional atmosphere. All 4 physical therapists treat you with respect and sympathy for your situation. All therapists give you complete dedication and individual attention.

– Barbara O.

My experience here has been excellent. I can walk normal and feel so much better. I’ve learned how important exercise is and now have a daily routine I will continue. This is a wonderful place to rehab with lots of smiling faces and tons of encouragement!

– Jean R.

Came in having pain getting in and out of bed and getting in and out of a chair. Walking and running any distance cause a lot of pain. Now, no pain getting in and out of a chair or bed. No pain walking and now I’m running bases without pain. A lot of improvement.

– Wayne W.

Mike has been a wonderful therapist. When I started PT, I could barely walk. With the stretches and exercises I am much better. Mike has given me information that has helped me improve. Everyone at Kinetics has been great, they are so friendly and we laugh a lot!

– Helene W.

PT exceeded my expectation, pain is gone. Able to walk the golf course with no issue. Learned exercises that will assist me for the rest of my life. Can sleep with no discomfort. Life is back to normal. My doctor that handles knees sent me home to take pills. I suggested a few PT sessions and I am now pain free and not taking pills.

– Charles F.

This is my 2nd time hear with Mike, he takes away my pain and helps me cope with walking. I came in with a cane and now I’m walking well. All the movements of my hip are back to normal. Stretching is also why I’m here. Mike helped me with that as well. I feel great. I will continue to follow Mike’s advice. Thank you for all your help. Great experience to be halved.

– Clare S.

After finger surgery I was not able to write, grasp, button clothing or do anything needed for day to day living. The therapy exercises that Mike gave me to do at home and the therapy that he performed during my sessions have enabled my finger to function at 90%. This occurred in less than 2 months of starting therapy. Mike and all the people at Kinetic are fantastic and have kept me going through my various injuries. Although it is never fun to need physical therapy after surgery, Kinetic is the best and feels like family!

– Gail R.

Things I can do now are much improved, including turning my head side to side, computer work, driving much easier. Standing to do dishes and sleeping much better. Headaches are all but gone. Improved mood, now that pain is gone. Stretching exercises also much easier. I have had multiply sessions with Kinetic and through their expertise, humor, and patience I am able to do all of the above. Their compassion when it hurts is so appreciated. Thank you to Mike, Emilie, Amanda, and Peggy for all they have done for me.

– Lynn T.

When I first came in here I could not walk without crutches. In a short time only after a few PT sessions I was walking. I had a walking boot for a few days but shortly I was out of the boot and into a gym shoe on level surfaces. Each week of PT I could tell a big difference in comfort of walking and movement. Now I can walk and move without discomfort or pain. Everyone is wonderful at Kinetic.

– Judy T.

My total rehab experience was wonderful!!! Before treatment I had several limitations with shoulder movement. But with excellent treatment I am now 110%. The entire staff is wonderful people who treat you in a very professional and personal manner! 5 Stars *****

– Henry Z.

Kinetic PT Specialists is the best PT facility in this area. They are competent and attentive while working with their clients. I’m leaving my treatment feeling better, walking better, and better able to handle my chores at home. They’re the best!
PS – And they laugh at my jokes.

– Frank A.

This was my 3rd time here. 1st. for my back, 2nd for on my right leg, and this time for a pulled or sprained muscle in my left leg. When I came in I couldn’t stand or put pressure on my leg without pain. I was walking with a cane. I am done today and pleased to say, I have no pain when walking. I now have 3 sets of exercises from each time here. I have learned along the way that when doing my exercises faithfully, the pain goes away. Exercising will be part of my life going forward. Thank you Mike, Amanda, and all at Kinetic.

– Meredith M.

I can climb stairs that were impossible to do before. I am back to doing tap dancing, jazz dancing, and swimming. My legs fell much lighter as I walk and I can walk a mile now. Getting up from a low chair was very difficult, now it is easy.

– Barbara T.

I came in with severe arthritis in my ankle. Emery was awesome in helping me get back to walking distances without pain, increasing my strength and balance, and showing me what exercises to do at home. I will recommend Kinetic to anyone I know who needs PT. If I need any further PT, this is definitely where I’ll come.

– Kathie B.

When I started PT I could hardly run when playing tennis there was so much pain in my hip. Now I am back to normal and all over the court with no pain thanks to Emery.

– Christine C.

My experience has been great. The level of care here is always great. It is always with the same therapist. It is not like the big chain ones where you sometimes have the same one the other days someone else. Kinetic is always one on one. Progress is always accomplished here. I am back to full activities and walking with little problem.

– Larry D.

I injured my shoulder, I had rotator cuff surgery on it a little over a year ago, I was concerned I re-tore it, however with therapy its healed well, and I can lift my arm, & do the things I need to do. A big thank you to Emery, a great therapist! He was very knowledgeable, gave me exercises to do at home, very relieved it’s all better.

– Janet M.

I feel I have met my goals and Emery was instrumental in helping me achieve better endurance and balance. I also gained a lot of knowledge about my body. My pain is gone and I am grateful for the improvement in my abilities.

– Elaine O.

Emery has been wonderful – I have more strength in my legs, I don’t even use my cane at home. If I need to come back I will know where to come to.

– Elaine A.

I had a full knee replacement and came to Kinetic limping badly, using a cane & barely could make it up one stair. Today I am not limping, no cane, & doing stairs easily!! Stiffness is minimal to none. Emery is fabulous! He’s caring, compassionate & really wants you to do well. I am so grateful to him!! I am having my other knee done on Halloween so I will be back! Thanks for all the great one-on-one attention Emery.

– Barbara B.

When I first came to Kinetic, I explained to Emilie my back pain was something I needed to work on for many reasons. How my primary objective was to be able to play golf by May of 2018. My goals have been exceeded because I have played twice in April. Emilie’s knowledge, expertise and caring attitude is what contributed to my recovery. Thank you, Emilie,! I am now GOLFABLE!!

– Richard F.

I am fortunate to have been referred to Kinetic. It couldn’t be a more comfortable and friendly place. The staff is exceptional. I have had shoulder pain for sometime and decided on surgery because I couldn’t golf. I have had the pleasure of working with Emilie after my rotator cuff surgery. She is an outstanding therapist and wonderful person. I think the key to getting better is come to your appointments and continue your exercises at home. I will be back to golfing soon.

– Linda F.

Emilie is wonderful to work with, her positive reinforcement kept me motivated. She has provided me with an arsenal of exercise and stretches designed especially for me to minimize pain and stabilize my low back and hip issues.
Thanks so much Emilie, you are the best!

– Lynn M.

My hip problem became so bad I had to stop playing tennis and was also having difficulty climbing stairs. I now play tennis 3 days a week (aiming for 4 times a week) and I can climb 2 flights of stairs without pain. I’ve been recommending and telling my friends the great therapy I experienced at Kinetic

– Arleen T.

I’m very thankful that Emilie has taught me how to do my normal activities without causing pain. I am faithfully doing my exercises and now I can do things that prior to PT would cause a lot of pain. Now I can lift my little granddaughters with little or no pain. I can also get down on the floor and play with them. Thank you, Emilie, for warm, caring, personal way of treating me.

– Ruth H.

Everything is so much better! Improvement was phenomemal. I went from constant pain to no pain in my shoulder, neck and arm. My back and hip are also greatly improved. Thank you all!

– Jeanette R.

I am amazed at the progress I’ve made with the help of my wonderful therapist Emily. When I first came, I couldn’t walk in my kitchen or anywhere without holding on for balance due to dizziness. All dizziness, headaches, and neck pain are GONE! I am much stronger, less tired and am able to sleep at night. Thanks so much for helping me return to a normal life. God bless you.

– Gina R.

It’s wonderful to be able to sleep all night. Something I couldn’t do before therapy. My arm hurt so bad I couldn’t tie my shoes. I could never imagine not being able to do that, but now no problem. I can play cards, wash my hair, (all the little things I couldn’t do) I can now reach for things in my cardboards with no problem. Emilie has been great. I have relied on her for other therapy and they all have been successful

– Joan G.

Thanks to Emilie’s persist encouragement and help I am now feeling very good and don’t experience the tightness and pain in my hip. Thank you Emilie and I am sure some day I will be back for more

– Pat H.

I am able to read and sit in one position (ie @ a concert or church) without neck pain. And the exercises I have learned will enable me to keep in shape now that my therapy is over. I also have more strength in my arms. The pain in my lower back is also much improved and again, the exercises and stretches, I have been given by my therapist will enable me to maintain and lessen the pain. I have appreciated the helpful information I was given throughout my therapy to deal with everyday situations so that I can keep the pain to a minimum.

– Linda H.

Stairs were a problem especially going down. I could not go downstairs without holding on and only one step at a time, now I can go down normally and don’t even have to hold on. Complete confidence and no pain. Sitting with legs crossed, cause pain on the inside of the knee, now no pain. Standing for an extended length of time caused an ache behind the knee, now not a problem. I am committed to continuing as many of the strengthening exercise as possible on a regular basis. My overall experience at Kinetic has been wonderful. It’s a personal yet professional facility with highly skilled therapists. Thank you.

– Margaret K.

The routine of daily stretching and exercises have greatly helped my ability to walk without pain. I feel that if I keep a daily schedule of the exercises that I will be able to live pain free. Emilie was very kind and patient with me. She always had a smile and kind words of encouragement. My back feels stronger and I can bend and move with more confidence.

– Rodney E.

Standing crouched over in pain was me. Look at me now, thanks to Emilie who is also the voice in my head whispering to tuck in that tummy etc. After my major back surgery I needed to go to P.T. to continue my healing. Not only did I receive excellent “one on one” care at Kinetic but I was also given reasons why at home therapy is so important. When Emilie said just because you feel better it doesn’t mean you should stop doing your therapy. That really resonated with me. The crew at Kinetic became like family to me because they truly care.

– Karen F.

Choosing Kinetic PT is the best decision I made to do my physical therapy. My PT, Emilie is phenomenal. I can now shampoo my hair with both hands, put on my shirts without thinking about it. I can reach up to shelves on my cupboard without difficulty. I came a long way from having pain every time I move, to almost no pain at all. Kinetic has helped me achieve this goal! Thank you Emilie for your empathy and support.

– Regina A.

After PT with Emilie, I’m able to move my head every which way without neck or shoulder pain. I’m able to reach, extending my arms much farther than before. I can read as long as I want to without pain or discomfort. Unfortunately, now I’m able to do dusting and other housework with ease. Without PT I would still be immobile and in pain. I really progressed from intense pain and muscle spasms in my neck, to completely pain free. Thank goodness for Kinetic and Emilie’s expertise, compassion, patience and caring attitude! Everyone at Kinetic is kind, caring, and efficient. Thank you all!

– Laura M.

With Emilie’s help – my surgery limitations were resolved quickly. The exercises were exactly what I needed to get back to my regular routine! The atmosphere and concern of the whole staff helps to promote the healing process. Thank you

– Kathleen W.

I have to say thank you to Emilie for the wonderful care she gave me. When I began with my treatment I could hardly walk the pain was so bad, and now I have a lot less pain and she taught me how to minimize the pain on my own. I would never consider going anywhere else for physical therapy. Thank you Emilie!

– Donna M.

Injured while playing Pickleball. Could barely walk, in pain 24-7. Not able to walk any distance or move side to side. Upon completion of therapy I’m able to do all previous activities pain free.

– Herb P.

This was my second encounter with Emilie at Kinetic. The first time I had a bad hamstring pull which was very painful, but with Emilie’s help, I was able to get back to normal exercise program. This time I was experiencing pain in my hip when I would try to walk a distance (around Wildflower Lake). Also, my core was very weak and my balance was also a problem. With several weeks of therapy and doing exercises at home, I feel so much better and also feel like I have much more strength, my posture is better, balance better, and my pain is now minimal. Thanks again Emilie – I could not feel this way without your help. If you need PT, Emilie, Mike, and Amanda are the ones to help you!!!!!

– Martha T.

I came to Kinetic with back and IT and tendons problems. Amanda addressed all the issues. My IT band and tendon problems are very much better. Amanda told me to keep up exercises at home. The best thing about Kinetic is you have one person (Amanda) that stays with you and you’re not passed from person to person. If I need future PT I will definitely come back. Amanda was terrific.

– Priscilla G.

After my knee replacement I thought starting physical therapy at Kinetic would be a big challenge. Amanda made it easier for me and doing my exercises everyday made a big difference. I am pain free now and am able to do my daily activities. I am so grateful to have had Amanda for my therapist. I highly recommend Kinetic for physical therapy to everyone!

– Betty H.

This has been a very good experience for me. When I came in I was recovering from 2 fractured vertebrae, so I was unable to do most of the usual house hold chores. Thanks to the kind, and patient staff, little by little I became stronger & stronger. Much to my surprise I am now able to do all of the chores I was able to do prior to my trauma

– Mary Ann W.

My doctor ordered vestibule therapy for a vertigo issue I was having. Amanda, being a vestibule therapist was extremely helpful to me. She is very knowledgeable regarding my issues and shared many tips with me. Always assuring me things would get better. Amanda’s patience was of utmost importance in encouraging me to where I am now, so much better. I am able to sleep on my side with no vertigo. My balance and fogginess are so much better. I can walk thru stores and shop on my own again. Thank you, Amanda.

– Joan N.

When I started therapy I had frequent stabbing pain into my left hip and generalized back discomfort and soreness. This affected the activities I normally do like swimming and exercising and household duties. With therapy and encouragement from Amanda I am now free of the stabbing pain. When soreness happens, I know what to do to alleviate it. Amanda is positive, cheerful and fun. She always greets me with a smile like she is glad to see me! Thank you, Amanda.

– Patricia M.

This has been my second opportunity at Kinetic PT with Amanda. Again, it was a successful experience. Prior to PT my left arm in pain and didn’t have full range of motion, now I do. I continue to be impressed with not only the knowledge and professionalism of Amanda and everyone else at Kinetic to the healing and rehab process. If you need PT this is the place to go!

– Richard W.

Amanda has helped me so much after my spine surgery. She also helped me with rotator cuff surgery several years ago. I am able to do most of my activities now. I have to continue to work on strengthening and balance, but I am doing so well. Thank you, Amanda!
P.S. It is so nice coming here because everyone is so friendly and welcoming. They always have a smile for you.

– Jane M.

Having fun and getting healthy describes my experience with all the staff at Kinetic. I’ve been greeted each time with smiling faces which helps with recovery. I truly thought I would never use my right hand this well in such a short time. I could not even sign my name on my first visit and now her I am writing my story. Thank you so very much! Big hugs to all, especially Amanda.

– Rosemarie B.

Kinetic has become another family in my life. Amanda has been my therapist since the first time I went here. She is concerned that do the exercises at home as well so I can get better as quickly as possible. All of the staff is very professional but harmonious and fun to be around. Thanks to all of the Kinetic folks for their love and care.

– Gloria D.

For the tremendous help they gave me with my problem. Their kindness and every lasting cheerfulness every time I came for treatment we unbelievable and appreciated. Thanks again and God Bless.

– Terry H.

When I first started my PT after foot surgery the stiffness and discomfort made it difficult to walk without a pronounced limp. Amanda recognized what was needed and because of her knowledge and caring efforts, I’m now walking 100% better. I’m back on the golf course and no longer do I have an excuse not to go shopping with my wife. I have been to enough Physical Therapists to know the difference between going through the motions and truly caring about the patient. Amanda is fantastic to work with and I’m grateful for all her great work.

– Richard W.

I have developed a balance issue with my neuropathy in my feet, also closing my eyes while in the shower. Since starting treatment my balance has improved greatly. Amanda worked me hard and it paid off tremendously. My second time using Kinetic therapy and I am completely satisfied with the results.

– Richard K.

I came in walking with a cane, I will be walking out on my last day with a bit of a spring in my step, because of all that I have accomplished in a short time. To me one of the most important concerns was feeling that my PT person really understood and I would feel comfortable working with them. Amanda was all of that for me. Everyone was there to help. The whole staff made me feel at home. That really helped me to get though the weeks. Thanks!

– Laura G.

Rt. Shoulder: Thought a torn rotator cuff, Amanda worked wonders. No surgery needed. I will still do my exercises to keep my shoulder feeling fine.
Lower Back: Had pain with any kind of movement, I had no range of motion. Had 7 sessions with Amanda and am free of pain – unless I dance too much.

– Albert B.

I had never gone to physical therapy before, so I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The therapists at Kinetic are the best. They are thoughtful, kind, and take care that there is no pain. Amanda helped me with my back pain, and with my last visit, all of my discomfort is gone. I am so grateful, and glad that I went.

– Joyce T.

The kindness the staff shares with clients by explaining, listening to problems and sharing ways to do things without pain. Staff is very helpful with suggestions on to get around and care for yourself so you can get back to a normal life. All were very nice, it was especially nice to have the same therapists every time working with you.

– Rosemarie M.

When I began my PT with Amanda my back pain and heel pain was stopping me from doing the things that I loved. Such as going for long walks with my greyhound. Even picking up the dog dish was painful. Thanks to Amanda and my therapy I am 95% better! I can’t say enough about the one on one sessions and Amanda always took the time to answer any questions that I had. Everyone at Kinetic is awesome and I would come back. Thank you for the great care and I will continue with my exercises and stretching.

– Karen M.

I started PT because I felt I was losing mobility and strength in my arm. I had a reverse shoulder replacement several years ago. I began having neck pain associated with my shoulder. Along with shoulder exercises, Amanda really worked on loosening my tense neck muscles and stretching my neck. My neck pain is not a problem now and when it acts up, I can solve it quickly. I have learned to monitor my neck angle when working to control my pain issues. I feel my arm is also stronger and more mobile. Amanda has been great to work with.

– Jacquelyn D.

Thanks to Amanda I have my life back!! I came to Kinetic after six months of constant pain and sitting, not able to lead a normal life. I had spinal surgery and two weeks after starting therapy with Amanda I am leading a normal active life. Able to do everything I could a year ago! I will be forever grateful.

– Judy B.

A very good experience. I can now sleep on my back without nerve pain in my right arm. I have a much better range of motion in my neck movements. I have reduced my intake of RX medication. I learned and now practices various exercise to help my neck condition. Amanda was both nice and professional

– Richard K.

I can only say good things about Kinetic PT. The staff has always been friendly, patient, informative, and made me feel part of their group. The therapy I received changed my ability to function, relieved my pain, enlightened my awareness of the benefits of regular exercise and completely changed my life. When I started I was in great pain and had trouble performing even simple task. Amanda taught me how to do the correct exercises to strengthen my muscles. Therapy relieved my pain, straightened my legs and improved my posture. I tell people all the time the difference PT has made in my life

– Linda B.

After a few sessions of PT I am doing much better. The set of PT exercises chosen by Emilie worked very well on my knee. I can walk, squad, and stand up without feeling pain or difficulties. I am very grateful to Emilie for helping me to be more mobile, and teaching me how to exercise to keep up with my daily activities.

– Danuta S.

When I first came here I had to learn to walk again. I was struggling with many of my simple everyday activities. Mike helped me work on many of my struggles and he truly cared. I felt like I was part of the family when I came for my appointments. The entire staff was great. I’m feeling and doing much better now with the treatment and care I’ve been given. I will recommend Kinetic to anyone to use. Thank you, Mike and the entire staff, at Kinetic for everything!

– Jason G.

I can’t even begin to share how amazing my experience with Amanda and Team here at Kinetics has been. I was wheeled in here, not being able to stand or walk. I had such a traumatic injury and now I am able to resume almost all activities. Amanda and the whole team were so supportive and pushed me to get better and stronger each visit. Basic activities were difficult like walking, I now walk without a limp and go up and down stairs which was impossible. I am one happy and super grateful patient who owes so much to everyone here at Kinetic, I couldn’t have done it without you! I will miss all the care, love and support. You are all amazing!

– Sarah R.

My progress with the physical therapy has been 100%. I can now bend and step up as well as walk without any limp. My balance and confidence have really improved. Emilie’s knowledge, patience and concern were greatly appreciated and really contributed to my recovery.

– Judie B.

This is my fourth experience with physical therapy on my knees. All surgeries were done very well, but therapy has always been difficult – the pain. This therapy has also had pain, but it was pain that was more acceptable due to the environment. Emilie has always injected laughter and set the tone of the space with caring and enjoyment… Of my four experiences, she was by far the best. I feel I received the work of the best surgeons and the best therapist.

– Tom K.

It’s such a terrific relief to go through the day pain free. When I began therapy I was miserable constantly. It’s hard to get through the days in pain. Slowly but surely, Emilie was able to relieve me of the constant pain and I learn to manage it. I’m not 100% but Emilie has taught me how to deal with minor episodes I have now. I’m grateful for Emilie’s time and attention to good care.

– Sally P.

Therapy has helped me to walk without as much pain. I can now sleep without throbbing pain in my foot… Emilie has been a delight with helping me to learn exercises that will continue to help me make my foot stronger. I would highly recommend people have therapy and especially here at Kinetic.

– Patricia B.

Working with Emilie was a very positive experience. She is a compassionate, attentive listener and her directions were precise and easy to understand. I greatly appreciate my chiropractor having referred my issue to Kinetic.

– Gail T.

I came with an activity-limiting pain down my left leg into my knee and an inability to lay in bed comfortable. The pain, which originally brought me to Kinetic, is gone. I have succeeded in not only solving the issue but have an exercise program that should allow me to maintain the gains made.

- Jeff G.