Direct Access

  • A physical therapist providing services without a referral from a health care professional must notify the patient's treating health care professional within 5 business days after the patient's first visit that the patient is receiving physical therapy. This does not apply to physical therapy services related to fitness or wellness, unless the patient presents with an ailment or injury.
  • A physical therapist shall refer a patient to the patient's treating health care professional of record or, in the case where there is no health care professional of record, to a health care professional of the patient's choice, if:
    1. the patient does not demonstrate measurable or functional improvement after 10 visits or 15 business days, whichever occurs first, and continued improvement thereafter;
    2. the patient returns for services for the same or similar condition after 30 calendar days of being discharged by the physical therapist; or
    3. the patient's condition, at the time of evaluation or services, is determined to be beyond the scope of practice of the physical therapist.
  • Wound debridement services may only be provided by a physical therapist with written authorization from a health care professional.
  • A physical therapist shall promptly consult and collaborate with the appropriate health care professional anytime a patient's condition indicates that it may be related to temporomandibular disorder so that a diagnosis can be made by that health care professional for an appropriate treatment plan.