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We offer gentle, experienced physical therapy that helps you get out of pain and back to your active life, with personal, one-on-one care you’ll appreciate!

Our Huntley office is a private, comfortable environment where you’ll feel right at home. We are in the Huntley Gateway Commons, conveniently located next to the Del Webb Sun City adult community, on Oak Creek Parkway, next to the Jewel.

Getting you moving again
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With caring hands on physical therapy
Helping you feel your best

Our Patients’ Stories

Physical Therapy success stories, from our friends and patients at Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists.

We take great joy in helping our patients get out of pain and back to enjoying their lives again. To our friends and patients who have shared their stories with us, we say “Thank You” and we wish you all the best.

If you’d like to comment on your experience at Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists, we’d love to hear from you. Drop by or mail a note and let us know how you’re doing!

What can Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists do for you? Our patients say it best.

kinetic patient picture place holderMy progress with the physical therapy has been 100%. I can now bend and step up as well as walk without any limp. My balance and confidence have really improved. Emilie’s knowledge, patience and concern were greatly appreciated and really contributed to my recovery.
– Judie B.

kinetic patient head shotThis is my fourth experience with physical therapy on my knees. All surgeries were done very well, but therapy has always been difficult – the pain. This therapy has also had pain, but it was pain that was more acceptable due to the environment. Emilie has always injected laughter and set the tone of the space with caring and enjoyment… Of my four experiences, she was by far the best. I feel I received the work of the best surgeons and the best therapist.
– Tom K.

It’s such a terrific relief to go through the day pain free. When I began therapy I was miserable constantly. It’s hard to get through the days in pain. Slowly but surely, Emilie was able to relieve me of the constant pain and I learn to manage it. I’m not 100% but Emilie has taught me how to deal with minor episodes I have now. I’m grateful for Emilie’s time and attention to good care.
– Sally P.

44yr old womanTherapy has helped me to walk without as much pain. I can now sleep without throbbing pain in my foot… Emilie has been a delight with helping me to learn exercises that will continue to help me make my foot stronger. I would highly recommend people have therapy and especially here at Kinetic.
– Patricia B.

kinetic PT patient Working with Emilie was a very positive experience. She is a compassionate, attentive listener and her directions were precise and easy to understand. I greatly appreciate my chiropractor having referred my issue to Kinetic.
– Gail T.

post2I came with an activity-limiting pain down my left leg into my knee and an inability to lay in bed comfortable. The pain, which originally brought me to Kinetic, is gone. I have succeeded in not only solving the issue but have an exercise program that should allow me to maintain the gains made.

Jeff G.