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We offer gentle, experienced physical therapy that helps you get out of pain and back to your active life, with personal, one-on-one care you’ll appreciate!

  • Muscle & Joint Problems
  • Balance & Walking Difficulties
  • Postsurgical Physical Therapy
  • Total Joint Replacement Rehabilitation
  • Neck & Back Pain Treatment
  • And More!


Helping people of all ages and lifestyles avoid injuries and achieve their conditioning goals. Young, old, active, and athletic.


Safely reducing pain with the latest drug-free, non-surgical physical medicine techniques.


Helping individuals discover their full potential for motion and mobility.

Clinically Proven to Reduce Pain and Dysfunction

No Prescription Needed!

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Our Huntley office is a private, comfortable environment where you’ll feel right at home. We are in the Huntley Gateway Commons, conveniently located next to the Del Webb Sun City adult community, on Oak Creek Parkway, across the Jewel.

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(847) 515-8970

Our Success Stories

  • I am proof and proud believer that PT is essential to a complete recovery.

    Diane M.

  • I will keep doing PT because it is working for me

    Paul L.

  • Kinetic Physical Therapy has changed the quality of my life.

    Margaret M.

  • I am on my way to a summer of kayaking and swimming.

    Pamela K.

  • I have used other PT locations in the past and can say this was my best experience to date.

    Richard K.

  • Kinetic is the right place to heal and get your life back.

    Caren L.

  • This is the first therapy that has helped me.

    William S.

  • What I especially like about Kinetic’s it is always full attention.

    Beverly R.

  • Now have full freedom to walk with little or no pain.

    Robert F.

  • Thanks again Kinetic and most of all Mike for his great guidance and expertise.

    Robert N.

  • I am extremely pleased with my progress.

    John G.

  • All therapists give you complete dedication and individual attention.

    Barbara O.

  • I can walk normal and feel so much better.

    Jean R.

  • Now I’m running bases without pain.

    Wayne W.

  • When I start PT I could barely walk.

    Helene W.

  • P.T. exceeded my expectation, Pain is gone.

    Charles F.

  • All the movements of my hip are back to normal.

    Clare S.

  • Kinetic is the best and it feels like family.

    Gail R.

  • Their compassion when it hurts is so appreciated.

    Lynn T.

  • Now I can walk and move without discomfort or pain.

    Judy T.

  • My total rehab experience was wonderful!!!

    Henry Z.

  • Kinetic Physical Therapy Specialists is the best PT facility in this area.

    Frank A.

  • I am done today and pleased to say I have no pain when walking.

    Meredith M.

  • I can climb stairs that were impossible to do before.

    Barbara T.

  • The entire staff at Kinetic is wonderful, kind, fun, helpful and a joy to be with.

    Kathie B.

  • Emery help me right from day one & I just kept getting better.

    Christine C.

  • I am back to full activities and walking with little problem.

    Larry D.

  • With therapy its healed well, and I can lift my arm, & do the things I need to do.

    Janet M.

  • I am confident that my sessions with PT have helped me immensely.

    Elaine O.

  • I have more strength in my legs, I don’t even use my cane at home.

    Elaine A.

  • Today is my last visit, I am not limping, no cane, & doing stairs easily!!!

    Barbara B.

  • I am now GOLFABLE!

    Richard F.

  • I am fortunate to have been referred to Kinetic.

    Linda F.

  • Emilie’s positive reinforcement kept me motivated.

    Lynn M.

  • I now play tennis 3 days a week.

    Arleen T.

  • Now I can lift my little granddaughters with little or no pain.

    Ruth H.

  • I went from constant pain to No pain.

    Jeanette R.

  • My experience of getting to this point with PT has been over the top.

    Laura H.

  • I am much stronger, less tired and am able to sleep at night.

    Gina R.

  • I can now reach for things in my cardboard with no problem.

    Joan G.

  • I am now feeling very good.

    Pat H.

  • I am able to read and sit in one position without neck pain.

    Linda H.

  • Stairs were a problem, now I can go down normally and don’t have to hold on.

    Margaret K.

  • My back feels stronger and I can bend and move with more confidence.

    Rodney E.

  • The crew at Kinetic became like family to me because they care.

    Karen F.

  • Choosing Kinetic PT is the best decision I made to do my physical therapy.

    Regina A.

  • I can read as long as I want to without pain.

    Laura M.

  • The exercises were exactly what I need to get back to my regular routine!

    Kathleen W.

  • I would never consider going anywhere else for physical therapy.

    Donna M.

  • Upon completion of therapy I am to do all previous activities pain free.

    Herb P.

  • I feel so much better and also feel like I have much more strength.

    Martha T.

  • My IT band and tendon problems are very much better

    Priscilla G.

  • After a total knee replacement at the age of 91 I can now walk and almost run

    Christine M.

  • I am pain free now and am able to do my daily activities.

    Betty H.

  • This has been a totally positive experience thanks to a wonderful & experienced staff.

    Mary Ann W.

  • Amanda, being a vestibule therapist was extremely helpful to me

    Joan N.

  • I am now free of the stabbing pain

    Patricia M.

  • My arm was very painful before PT, now I’m pain free and have full range of motion

    Richard W.

  • Nice experience at Kinetic, everyone is friendly and welcoming. They always have smile for you

    Jane M

  • I could not sign my name on my first visit and now I am writing my story

    Rosemarie B.

  • Kinetic has become another family in my life

    Gloria D.

  • I would like to thank Amanda and the whole staff at Kinetic

    Terry H.

  • I’m back on the golf course

    Richard W.

  • Second time using Kinetic therapy and I’m completely satisfied with the results

    Richard K.

  • To me one of the most important concerns was feeling that my PT person really understood

    Laura G.

  • No Surgery Needed

    Albert B.

  • The therapists at Kinetic are the best!

    Joyce T.

  • The kindness the staff shares with clients by explaining and listening to problems

    Rosemarie M.

  • I can’t say enough about the one on one sessions at Kinetic

    Karen M.

  • My neck pain is not a problem anymore

    Jacquelyn D.

  • Thanks to Amanda I have my life back!!

    Judy B.

  • I have reduced my intake of RX medication

    Richard K.

  • I tell people all the time the difference PT has made in my life

    Linda B.

  • I can walk, squat and stand up without feeling pain

    Danuta S.

  • I’m feeling and doing better with the treatment and care I was given

    Jason G.

  • Basic activities were difficult like walking, I now walk without a limp and go up and down stairs which was impossible

    Sara R.

  • My progress with the physical therapy has been 100%. I can now bend and step up as well as walk without any limp. My balance and confidence have really improved.

    Judie B.

  • This is my fourth experience with physical therapy on my knees. All surgeries were done very well, but therapy has always been difficult – the pain.

    Tom K.

  • It’s such a terrific relief to go through the day pain free. When I began therapy I was miserable constantly.

    Sally P.

  • Therapy has helped me to walk without as much pain. I can now sleep without throbbing pain in my foot…

    Patricia B.

  • Working with Emilie was a very positive experience. She is a compassionate, attentive listener and her directions were precise and easy to understand

    Gail T.

  • I came with an activity-limiting pain down my left leg into my knee and an inability to lay in bed comfortable.

    Jeff G.

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